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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 18, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news. >> casey anthony is free and it's a long shot but may be here in the bay area. we will connect the dots for you and learn how her case has sparked legislation here. good evening. >> it's one of the best kept secrets, the where abouts of casey anthony. she is in hiding tonight. our sister station, wftv reports she is thought to have been on board a corporate jet that flew out of orlando under the cover of darkness at 3:00
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a.m. yesterday. that jet is owned by one of anthony's former attorneys. we do know that the jet made a stop in panama city florida before continuing onto houston texas. it then stopped again this time in prescott arizona and an area known for spas and treatment centers for going to orange county and finally up to san carlos on the penninsula and that is where we find heather holmes tonight standing by live with this possible california connection. >> reporter: we tracked that plane, it's a pc12 similar to the one you see here and it left santa ana yesterday afternoon and arrived hire at san carlos an hour and a half later but it's not clear if anthony was on board. it's still a secret as to where anthony is spending her first day of freedom. this is the last confirmed saying of her. 12:09 sunday mob morning.
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>> she needs some security some protection at least on a short term. >> reporter: san francisco security expert rick smith said she needs to lay low given the death threats from people angry she was acquitted of killing her daughter. >> i think her attorneys probably told her to get distance from florida, change her appearance. >> reporter: a member of her defense team admitted plans were made to keep people away. >> everybody thinks she did it. i think nobody wants -- especially to that have children, they wouldn't want her around. >> reporter: and tonight a push to punish parents who wait to report a child is missing or dead. it took more than a more informant think to report her daughter missing. >> notify with if 24 hours.
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ab1432, caylee's law. >> it's outrageous. we owe it to our children and society to be forth right and report if a child is missing. >> reporter: and lawmakers will consider this bill when they return from summer break next month. reporting live. heather holmes. >> new, the solano county da has cropped charges against one of two young mothers whose four young children died in a fire. the deputy da called it a tactical trial decision. the da is dropping the manslaughter charges against the mother. investigators say she and her sister left their four children alone their apartments to go charge their cell phones. the deadly fire started. she is facing four charge of second degree murder.
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the proker said she planned to refile charges at a later date. >> the coast guard is searching for a wind surfer missing opponent the waters of the bay. they are looking along the foster city shoreline. when we spoke to the coast guard we were told the woman is 62 and from foster city. her husband reported her missing. he said she told him she was going wind surfing. he reported her missing when they didn't come back. >> new tension in the way bayview after police shot and killed a man over the weekend. today we learned he was 19-year- old kenneth haring june junior. investigators say he fired first and may have been on the run after a killing in seattle. we are live where people say there say general mistrust of police in the neighborhoods black community. >> reporter: we are at the bayview police station where officers say they worked hard
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to build trust in this community. some residents say the shooting hurts relations. this evening we saw an 8-year- old playing with a realistic looking toy gun. neighbors warned him saying police could mistake it for the real thing feel threatened. >> [inaudible] with a plastic toy gun. >> reporter: residents said it's in this environment that kenneth haring was shot and killed which officers saturday afternoon. the shooting has sparked protests. >> stand up and fight for our human rights. republican >> reporter: a rally drew 150. own organizer said her son was shot and killed ten years ago. >> police say haring fired first and ran after he didn't pay a muni fair. he is a person of interest of a killing of a 19-year-old woman
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in seattle and was an parole for force a 14-year-old into prostitution. still this resident said he doesn't trust police. >> this has been like hereditary even with my father and grandfather. >> reporter: one woman who asked us not to identity her said some are to quick to criticize. >> you can't pick fights and be like the police did this and that until all the evidence is out. >> reporter: the police chief plans to discuss the shooting in a meeting wednesday night at the bayview opera house. reporting live. >> richmond police say that gang violence is behind the city's late eve fatal shooting. flowers mark the spot for a 37- year-old and another was shot. william was the daughter of
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travis williams. a third person was wounded. the three are not associated with the gangs. coming up at 10:30 confronting fear head on. how walking school children but one of the toughest neighbored others keeping them safe. >> the court system is facing major cut backs because of funding in the state budge. the judge announced today 200 of the court's 480 employees are being laid off and take '2courtrooms will close at the end of september. the judge said as a result people may have to wait hours to deal with traffic tickets and it could take 18 months to financial eyes a divorce. the judge didn't mince words about blame. >> our court is suffering because the governor and the legislature have so brazenly used the judicial branch as
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their atm. >> the judges cannot be laid off because they are constitutional officers but some will about he assigned to other duties. the largest court system is in santa clara. they don't plan to close anything at this point but that doesn't mean the public won't feel the pi pinch many are many this resident waited half an hour to file a stop harassment order. >> you have to wait longer. >> i can look. >> reporter: inside the courthouse stacks of files wait to be processed. the court said what used to take days now takes weeks after almost 100 jobs were lost in the last three years. a delay in processing a judgement this attorney said means waiting months to recover money. >> it may be dissipated, the bottom line is the quicker that
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you are able to stand in line the more likely that you will be successful. >> reporter: 16% of the court jobs empty and the department is slated for more than $10 million in cuts. >> the hit is huge. >> reporter: the acting judge said the court is committed to keeping lieutenants courtroom open and it's employees working. >> we will have to ask the public to endure a high vacancy rate that means a drop in services. they just can't do everything they one did when they were fully staffed. >> reporter: one project is danger is the new family court house. the court hopes the project is far enough along to keep it going. in san jose, maureen naylor. >> the city of san jose started it's new fire academy today and welcomed nearly two dozen firefighters back. 22 of the new firefighters are returning after they were laid
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off during city budget cuts last year. at that time 49 firefighters were cut in all. the new class at academy was made possible by grants from fema and homeland security. the funding ensures they will be back on the job for two years. they are expected to return late next month. >> chlorox turned down a take over bid. the company said his offer is to low. it is the largest share holder. they are adopting a measure so other share holders can fight off the bid. he has suggested they look to shopping to competition. borders plans to close all stores in united states after nobody stepped forward to buy them. the company said it'll can a judge on thursday to go ahead with plans to liquid ate stores starting friday. employ borders was the second
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largest bookstore chain in the united states. on wall street stocks fell on concerns of the detect showdown. the dow dropped 94 points, the nasdaqoff 24. >> major layoffs at a giant. what workers said as they left the south bay campus. >> clouds have rolled back. coming up, whether they will stay for tuesday and where we expect temperatures to be warmer. immaterial professional baseball? marin? it could happen verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done !
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. another giant dust storm rolled through the phoenix area. the dust wall was about 3,000 feet high. it turned the sky brown, delayed air traffic and created winds of 30 miles an hour. this is the second such storm to hit arizona this month. a minor league baseball team wants to establish a professional team in marin. they would play at albert park. new at ten deborah is live. >> reporter: they are still batting this around. no decision yet and a half mile away sits the ballpark at the
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center of it all. fast pitch and high school players run the play bases now but as home field for a minor league team it would get a makeover, double the seating, double the snack bar. >> hasn't changed. still a great field, but it could use help. >> today we are asking you for the privilege to rent your charming classic ballpark. >> reporter: proball likes the park for its small town atmosphere but that is what some neighbors fear losing. >> amounts to a private making of the field. >> reporter: traffic and alcohol worry opponents. most games would be at night drawing about 1200 people with parking at a nearby office complex. critics feel it was fast tracked. >> we now have two attorneys because we were forced -- backed into a corner because
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nobody would listen. >> reporter: other families are rooting for the idea. 1300 petition signatures have been gathered in sport and business is counting on fans to shop and eat an game day. >> we had this -- over ten years ago and similar, 40 games, alcohol served and never a problem with the field. >> reporter: with park and rec support the council is expected to walk this proposal on through tonight. first pitch next spring. it is a vote we are still waiting for as you can see there is still a long line of people to speak on this issue, pro and con. reporting live,. >> more details now if the plan is a proved they would be second bay area second behind san jose to have a minor league team. it would be in the north american league in its first season with ten teams so far.
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. >> the field in the sheriff's race grew by one, the newest candidate getting a big endorsement. >> i have been at the table. i have created coalitions, been in sacramento, walked the halls of shei city hall. >> the former under sheriff filed his papers this morning. he is being enforced by the former da and current california attorney general. he is an advisor to harris. the sheriff is not running. he has held the position for 31 years. there are at least seven other candidates, two are seen as the most serious challengers, david wong ran in 2007. the others are seen as long shots. san francisco city attorney suing cbs outdoor over damages to the muni buses. he wants more than $100,000 from the advertising firm which
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he swayed was careless in applying signs and displays to buses that he said caused the paint to chip. . >> film makers have more incentive to produce movies year. the vendor discount program is being expanded. the expansion includes discounts on equipment rent always and audio services. it's hoped to will help make the city a premiere location. the board of supervisors is expected to vote tomorrow on a project by at&t. the company wants to bring it's uverse phone, internet and tv service. that means intalling these large boxes on streets all over town. opponents say an environmental impact report must be done first. >> the hammer dropped today big time at cisco. they confirmed it's laying off more than 6,000 employees.
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john tells us when workers will find if they are on the list. >> reporter: workers leaving the san jose campus did so with what were likely heavy hearts because they know the future is uncertain. >> some people feel that it's really a bad thing for them and a lot are affected by this maybe. >> reporter: the company said 6500 workers will be laidoff next month. that's almost 9% of the 73,000 people worldwide work force. it includes 15% of upper management. >> i understand what's going on. i back the company, it's a great place to work. i completely trust upper management in making good decisions and you know mopely everything works out. >> reporter: they have been a high tech giant in the bay area. analysts say its faced competition from other companies so it needs to trim a billion dollars. >> they kind of make you feel
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like are you in a family and it's good to have. >> reporter: and you hope stay in the family. >> yes. >> reporter: most members of the family wouldn't talk to us but the two two did raved about working there. >> my boss said anybody who was affected in our group he would find them a job outside the company. >> reporter: officials said late this afternoon it won't be clear until next month how many people here in the bay area will about he affected by the layoffs. in san jose. ktvu channel 2news. >> news of the layoffs had little impact on the stock. it did close down 15-cents a share but in after hours trading it remained unchanged. >> blue skies and a warm up for today followed by this, we clouds rolling back into the bay area. the winds have lined up. really gusting pretty good and the sea breeze helped blow the clouds back in. we will wake up with the clouds
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tomorrow morning. take a look at what happens as we get started about 6:00, could be widespread. partly cloudy, east inland areas could see partly cloudy yeahs, peels back by ten and early afternoon off the coast again and looking at sunny skies for tuesday, the inland areas will be warmer as we start the morning temperature wise relatively mild, in the 50s. lunchtime upper 50s. mid70's inland and midafternoon low 60's for the coastline. 70's for the bay area and then midupper 80'ser for some of the inland spots. coming up we will look at the neighborhood and more on the warm up. >> san jose and union city joined with groups to suit state oaf parts of the new state budget that would eliminate redevelopment agencies. it contends two bill that passed last month paving the way to disself the agencies violate voter approved
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proposition 22. it prohibits the sate from borrowing for taking funds used for a variety of things including redevelopment. under the bills the $1.7 billion would go to local government. supporters of to overturn the amazon tax can start collecting signatures. this afternoon the constituent attorney general signed off on the language. amazon is backing the efforts to repeal the law passed as part of the budget package . >> a possible spike in hate crime before san francisco's pride weekend. why the economy could be one part. >> crossing. >> and it's called a
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. protesters came together today to protest a black youth arrested for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. they are dend manning the airline apologize to the 20- year-old. the group said it believes that he was racially profiled. he spoke to us today by phone. >> i felt like i was being targeted,a da attacked. >> he said he plans to suit airline. a spokeswoman said we are standing by our crew. >> new figures show hate violence against the lgbt community appears to be increasing and one reason may be the down turn in the economy. >> we treat every hate crime
11:55 pm
with a lot of attention. . >> reporter: the assistant da prosecutes hate crimes, he said in the days leading up to last month's celebration four people were beaten and suffered assaults. >> they were both cases of great violence. >> reporter: one attack happened here at market and franklin. the victim suffer aid broken jaw and two days before that. >> we had one case which was -- in a conviction that involved an individual who assaulted a person he thought was gay with two large tree branches, struck him in the head. >> reporter: according to the organization community united against violence incidents of hate violence in the area was up 65% in 2010 compared to the year before. >> there is a myth that we are the accepting city that's a safe haven for everybody and i think the reality that we have
11:56 pm
seen over the past 32 years is that it's just not true. . >> reporter: they said it could be because of the down turn in the economy. >> when groups get together they often can figure who is a scapegoat . >> reporter: officials will meet with community groups to discuss safety, especially around next year's gay pride celebration. in san francisco, rob roth. >> two women are set to appear in court accused of a crime spree in emoryville. they face burglary and child endangerment charges. they broke into at least five cars. the baby of one of them was with them at the time. they were arrested friday night when they tried to return stolen items at a target store in exclay for gift cards. >> new developments in a scandal including late word
11:57 pm
that rupurt murdock's job could be in danger. >> and bay meadows,
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. richmond residents are looking at new ways to keep their community safe. one group started a program to help protect kids after school. >> first, second and third come to the front. >> reporter: schools out and they are ready to take the bus to camp. >> crossing. . >> reporter: not a yellow bus, they travel on their own two feet. they call it the walking school bus. >> we thought was going to be something that may be would work has completely transformed
12:00 am
this neighborhood. >> reporter: every day the walking bus moves through a part of richmond that's seen its share of violence. >> we don't want the kids paralyzed with fear that. people have started to expect us and look forward to seeing them every day. >> reporter: some neighbors say they love the idea. >> i think it's beautiful. i haven't seen this in a long time. it reminds me when my kids were younger walking to school with them. >> reporter: for students it's a chance to build ties, exercise and get fresh air. >> you walk and you don't have to worry about it. >> it's pretty fun. >> reporter: what do you like? >> we get to walk into a lot of exercise. >> reporter: the program is a partnership between the county health department and building blocks for kids a coalition of 27 community os that run camps and programs for kids. >> i think it's really important to stay committed to keeping the community safe for
12:01 am
young people and investing in making it a beautiful community. >> reporter: organizers say they hope to continue this walking school bus program into the school year and even expand it to other schools. in richmond. ktvu. >> a man is in jail following a standoff at his home. the sheriff's department said they were called to the apartment on 150th avenue around noon to investigate a disturbance. when they arrived they found the suspect and another man inside the apartment. several streets in the area were closed down as a precaution and after about an hour the suspect gave up. he was arrested on weapons charges and for makes threats movement a place narcotics detective is accused of giving a pound of marijuana to a ci has resigned. jason frederick son resigned last friday. however the attorney said he actually resigned because he had an inappropriate relationship with the inform
12:02 am
isn't and not because of the drug charges. >> there are several new developments in the phone hacking scandal involving rupurt murdoch. a report says news corp is considering replacing murdoch. also the assistant commissioner of scotland yard resigned one day after his boss quit. also the former news of the world reporter who blew the whistle was found dead. hackers took aim as well focusing on the sun and shutting down the london times. murdoch will be questioned tomorrow and sources say that the decision to replace him may depend on his performance. the scandal caused him to close the news of the world. the former head of the paper
12:03 am
rebecca brooks is also supposed to be questioned. brooks has the editor when the alleged hacking of a murder victim's phone happened. >> a lot is riding on tomorrow's testimony. murdoch, his son scheduled to appear. how the scandal may affect his united states holdings. >> reporter: one did he or his top executives know of or condone the illegal hacking and two did the company illegally influence the british police investigation? the former united states attorney said practices law applies plays the parent of fox is american. >> prohibits american companies from using any resources basically to bribe foreign officials for whatever purpose, economic or political
12:04 am
or whatever. >> reporter: murdoch had to be unaware of it so get off that hook. >> when you see him doing -- and the corporate heat -- is throwing people overboard oro having them resign. anybody close to the scandal. >> reporter: one problem for fox is it's united states television stations. if the higher ups few what was happening in england and did nothing the licenses for those stations could be taken. >> the fcc has requirements that the company should good cakier. >> >> that's what you hear -- is that it was a lone wolf, i think that what turns out to be true is that it's more than that. >> reporter: there are rumors that murdorh will resign as ceo but stay chairman.
12:05 am
>> this television station is a fox affiliate but we are privately owned and are not operated by fox news. >> police e-mailed us photograph to ktvu from a bank robbery. this was taken at 7:00 p.m. the man is described as being between 25 to 30, short tommed crawl height with a goatee. the same bank was robbed in march. >> fears that the united states will default have invest others pushing the price of gold to record highs. an ounce of gold closed at just over $1,600. that's up more than $12. the price is a record in dollar terms but what inflation is taken into account it's below the record set in the 80s. investors normally turn to gold when they are worried about the market. tan ford university will be the first to use a new high
12:06 am
speed internet service they say is one hundred times faster than normal. google fiber will be put in 850 homes and condos next to stanford where many staff live. they will use the information learned to make it more efficient and effective. >> a new development with the womanna cruised of groping a tsa agent. >> we are tracking a rebound to summertime temperatures. what you can expect for your neighborhood. . >> and the end of an era as the shuttle prepares to leave the space
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(male announcer) how far would you go to help someone? would you go to the end of your driveway? would you cross a street? would you cross an ocean? would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself? life is calling. how far will you go? peace corps.
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. crews in oakley were busy working to repair a gas leak that forced several from their homes. officials tell us a construction crew hit a gas main at west cyprus. our crew was there as gas spewed from the ground. 7 homes ended up being evacuated and pg&e cut service to a total of 11. repairs were finished around that he. the space shuttle is just about to make it's final trip home. crews tonight are closing up the hatch connecting the shuttle with the international space station after the eight day stay. the shuttle will undock tomorrow and touchdown on earth thursday morning ending the 30 year shuttle program. the president sat down with scott mcfarland and shared his high hopes for nasa's future.
12:10 am
>> let's make sure we are going to the next big thing. let's not shoot to send somebody back to the moon, let's send somebody to mars. >> until the united states does design and build a new vehicle the united states will pay russia to carry astronauts to the space station. >> in news of the world in pakistan the taliban released video of what appears to be the execution style killings of 16 policeman. a note said they were captured and killed last month by taliban militants who entered tack pan from afghanistan. authorities say the video appears to be real. the bbc received cell phone video showing the bodies being found. ? in afghanistan the general handed over command of the afghanistan war to his successor. it'll be john allen's task to guide force as they prepare to hand off security control to afghanistan forces by the end
12:11 am
of 2014. the hand off happened hours after a top alli of the afghanistan president was gunned down a member of the parl," ament was also killed. just last week the president's half brother was killed. the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> the pleasant hill's association said it's rejecting the contract offer. according to the union the city's last offer called for employees to pay 10% of their health care premium and 4% of their retirement. currently they pay $55 a month for family medical coverage. the current contract will expire at the end of the month. tonight the city council will consider guidelines for the use of cell phone, that prompted by the fear that use could be linked to damage to
12:12 am
the brain. the guidelines would suggest to limit use and put distance between a person's body and the phone. >> a woman accused of assaulting a tsa agent won't face nanny charges. she was arrested thursday after authorities say she grabbed the breast of a tsa agent. officials say she was waiting to go through security and didn't want to go through the body scanner. when the agent suggested a pat down she grabbed the agent's breast. she said she goes weekly between colorado and phoenix. the jump told her to avoid the agent. >> its part of all -- i have grown up here. >> its been a bay area fixture but how much longer. development plans could mean the end of the run. >> and rosemary
12:13 am
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. supporters of medical marijuana rallied, many carrying signing calling an end to the war on drugs. they say it was the focus of attention on federal raids and criminal prosecutings of medical marijuana. they say they are worried isn't a new round of dea raids. sheriff's investigators in napa identified today one of the men found dead at a marijuana farm. they say records were us otherred to identity the 43- year-old of santa rosa. his body was found in the hills. investigators say they are now using, dna to identity the other man. they were found on july 1st. deputies say they are looking for a 21-year-old carlos perez in connection with the case. >> it's a prime piece of real
12:16 am
estate and now a developer may destroy the last imagine after horse racing track. golden gate fields could sprout a research center. >> reporter: its been in operation since 1941 but it's days could be numbered. a day at the races isn't what it used to be. with casino sports lounges and home satellite feeds gamblers don't have to track to the edge of the bay. in san brown it the track closed in 1964 to be a mall and bay meadows closed for housing and retail space in 2008. letters were sent to albany residents saying the lawrence berkeley laboratory is now eyeing the golden gate field site. >> very curious possibility for the property and we are very open to seeing if something can happen that would
12:17 am
benefit the lab, the property owner and the community. >> reporter: they want to build a new research campus to consolidate hundreds of employees. folks in the area say it's no surprise. >> seems like the university is gobbling everything up. >> reporter: the idea of having the grandstands destroyed doesn't sit well with some. >> its part of albany. i have grown up here. my family works there and i foal like if they close it down, that's it for horse racing. >> reporter: it would continue at county fairgrounds but the sense of history would be gone. natalie said her whole family goes to golden fields. >> my grandfather likes to gamble. >> reporter: public meetings are planned at several cities to talk about the labs plans which aren't limited toal ban yes. the next meeting is this thursday at the city hall in
12:18 am
richmond. live in albany. >> some dramatic video showing a stage collapsing at a blue's festival in canada. this is what it looked like last flight when severe weather rolled in as the band cheap trick was playing. the wind lifted the stage and it folds over. three people had to go to the hospital with you were later released, none band members. the director sold the incident a freak situation and said it'll be investigated. >> we are going back toward warmer weather. sunny skies, temperatures five to ten degrees above what we saw today. satellite and radar showing you the trough off the coast and bringing us the cool weather, now beginning to shift. we actually have a little bit of light rain over the northern california mountains. as it slides east we will continue to warm. that will weaken letting high
12:19 am
pressure boiled in. tomorrow we will have the clouds back in the morning. we will be slight lay warmer for the inland spots, another small jump and then the bigger one wednesday and thursday with the trough relaxing, that's high pressure that's been heating up. it'll bring us a little more heat. we and expect the warmest weather wednesday and thursday and then we will cool off in time for the weekend. let's talk about the forecast. you can see that lit of bit of rain to the north. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. we have party cloudy to mostly cloudy. by nine, ten, it's backing off the coast loin and for the afternoon it looks like even the coast looking at partly cloudy, mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the 60's. we will continue to cool and our coolest temperatures right about sunrise will look like this. 55 in napa. fro moment 57. 58 san jose and mid50s along
12:20 am
the coast, san francisco, 55 starting the morning there. afternoon highs, another warm one. warmer than -- i should say today but still a little below average. 81 in napa. widespread up 70's. 72 for local -- back into the mid to upper 80s. antioch, mid-70s for santa clara, just a beautiful day. 70 in san bruno. 67 expected san francisco. the extended forecast, you can see how temperatures continue to warm. we have started to feel good along the coast. mid to upper 60's. wednesday, thursday and we filmly hit that season allah rage for the inland area its, talk about the low 90's but then the first half of the weekend we see a dip in temperatures and are a little below average. sunday we rebound just a bit.
12:21 am
upper 80's and low 90s. definitely going to get back to that summer like weather. >> thank you. if you thought i-phones were fragile you may want to think again. are you looking at a fully functional i-phone 4. a man put it in advertise pocket when he went skydiving forgot to zip the pocket. he found at phone a half mile away using the gps. soccer fans set a twitter record. between the united states and japan, twitter said there was 7, 196 tweets a second at end of the match. that passed the report in may after bin laden was killed. >> that last shot there. okay. from the state cour i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend,
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. the man man who brought the story of harvey milk is the big screen is taking the fight for same sex marriage to broadway. he said the play is based on transcripts from the court bat the over proposition eight. a reading of his work will debut in new york this september. the money will go toward the
12:25 am
american foundation for equal rights. >> mark is here with sports. how about that -- that guy has been incredible. >> from out of nowhere to all- star. the arrival of cody ross, ryan, 2011, they are just brought huge value, gifts the baseball gods. one of the most excited fans, joe montana giving an earful to kemp. this story -- six and two thirds, no runs, now 7-1 and gets a great double play started right there to get himself out of trouble. then then the offense takes over the panda, sandoval, all- star himself. 3-4 tonight. solo shot in the 4th. his 9thoff of the year and the
12:26 am
only run they knead. they break it open. four run inning in the 6th. nate, his average up over 290. makes it 2-0 and they will add to it. here is that guy, cody ross, keep right center field. two runs will score. ross had a couple hits, two rbis right here, 5-0 and get this the tenth time this year that dodgers have been shut out. they are out of it. no a week from today the giants will be with the president of the united states. obama hassin vited them to the white house in honor of their 2010 world championship. we asked the manager in the secret service had talked to them about protocols. >> no. will, i think we will have a pretty good idea. they are well behaved. they may not look it but they are and guys spend some time
12:27 am
there and just get a chance to met the president which is always an honor. i know the guys have been to the white house but we haven't been there when the president has been there. >> not every day anybody gets to go the white house and i'm just -- i wasn't here last year but i will pretend i was shake the president's hand. >> got a feeling they will watch that guy, brian wilson. fans of all sports -- can't talk about labor problems, it looks like only a few more days with regard to the nfl and a workable collective baring agreement. players reportedly will vote on a new cva by wednesday and thursday camps could be open by friday and let that free agent free for all begin and all the game related stuff that the fans want to hear about. that's what is going on.
12:28 am
that's the sporting life. >> thank you. be sure to join us in the morning, starts at 4:30. that hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
12:29 am
your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.


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